History-making disruption in energy!!!

The EPD, Environmental Protection Division, in the United States of America, explains ¨No permits are required for atmospheric emissions since NO emissions are emitted into the atmosphere¨! This apparatus is a zero-emission energy system (ZEES).

New novel innovative invention, 100%CCC-(Completely-enclosed Clean Conversion), zero-emission energy system (ZEES), which emits NO emissions into the atmosphere of air, smoke, pollutants, poisons, gases, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, or carbons when used with a biomass steam electric generator apparatus using renewable natural resources.!!!


The key to this business model is the pollution-free invention.  The EPD, (Environmental Protection Division), in the United States of America has made this statement to us, ¨No permit will be necessary for air quality as NO emissions are emitted into the atmosphere¨. 
The wood is burned in the firebox which creates air, smoke, pollutants, poisons, gases, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and/or carbons.  The air, smoke, pollutants, poisons, gases, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and/or carbons are routed from the firebox through a closed flue from the firebox into our new novel innovative invention.  The 100%CCC-(Completely-enclosed Clean Conversion), invention, zero-emission energy system (ZEES), converts the air, smoke, pollutants, poisons, gases, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and/or carbons into fresh air which is returned via a closed-loop flue into the firebox. NO  air, smoke, pollutants, poisons, gases, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and/or carbons are ever emitted into the atmosphere.

The technologies used by EEPPAA.tech include, but are not limited to, electricity, water desalination, gasohol/alcohol distillation, food production of livestock and plants, (germinating, growing, harvesting, processing, cleaning, cooking, preserving, and canning), timber, and lumber processing, carbon sequestration, and storage, recycling, fertilizer, synergies, construction of industrial, commercial and residential developments.


What are the advantages of carbon capture?

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies could greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, allowing utilities to keep using abundant and efficient fossil fuels to generate reliable and affordable power. Feb 6, 2020

What are the benefits of carbon sequestration?

Planting trees and managing their development is a proven way to reduce the number of harmful particulates in the air. Carbon sequestered, or stored, is carbon not emitted into the atmosphere. Less carbon in the atmosphere will reduce the greenhouse gas effect and lessen the impacts of climate change.

What is the difference between carbon sequestration and storage?

Carbon sequestered refers in UFORE to the removal of carbon (in the form of carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis. carbon storage refers to the amount of carbon bound up in woody material above and below ground.


The vision of EEPPAA, (Electrifying Environmental Protection Production Applications Apparatus), is to develop and implement renewable energy sources using technologies already developed and to develop technologies not yet discovered. We, (as a world of people), must take responsibility to protect and preserve our environment. The environment gives us life. EEPPAA is committed to protecting the environment. Our new novel innovative invention protects the atmosphere of the earth by eliminating pollutants created by a naturally renewable resourcebiomass, (wood), steam electric generator apparatus. NO smoke, pollutants, or carbons are emitted into the atmosphere. EEPPAA is also committed to renewing our biomass, (trees), energy source by planting a minimum of one hundred, (100), new trees for every tree we must cut to create energy. Our goal is to plant 5,000,000 new trees per year.


The mission of EEPPAA is to utilize all elements known or unknown to mankind including but not limited to earth, wind, water, and solar to develop and implement energy with no, zero, (0), zilch nor nada, pollution emitted into the air.

We have a system conceptually created and designed to utilize each and every portion of the energy generated by a wood-fired system, a zero-emission energy system (ZEES).