Computer Programmer Chief: Coordinator, computer programming Plans, schedules, and directs preparation of programs to process data and solve problems by use of computers: Consults with managerial and systems analysis personnel to clarify program intent, identify problems, suggest changes, and determine the extent of programming and coding required. Assigns, coordinates, and reviews work of programming personnel. Develops programs from workflow charts or diagrams, considering factors, for example, computer storage capacity and speed, the extent of peripheral equipment, and intended use of output data. Converts workflow charts to language processable by computer. Enters program codes into the computer. Enters test data into the computer. Analyzes test runs on a computer to correct or direct correction of coded program and input data. Revises or directs revision of existing programs to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements. Compiles documentation of program development and subsequent revisions. Trains subordinates in programming and program coding. Prescribes standards for terms and symbols used to simplify interpretation of programs. Collaborates with computer manufacturers and other users to develop new programming methods. Prepares records and reports.

Applications this job will include:

Autonomous vehicles

Smart houses

Smart factory

Global word or phrase replacement in documents or website

Database contact management and prodictive dialing

TDL names

VoIP, chat, text and video conferencing



Money transfer app, i.e. Paypal, Zellepay,

Bank/accounting/insurance/loan processing

Animation, AnfyTeam

Document sharing, editing

Convert PDF to Word to Excel to other

WordPress type web management