The U.S. has nearly 22 million veterans, with 2 million of those living in California, according to the Census Bureau. The Golden State has the nation’s highest population of former servicemen and women, with Texas and Florida — each with 1.6 million veterans — tied for second. Jul 13, 2012

•VetsVille is an organization that trains US military veterans for a new career in agriculture, service, and manufacturing.

The agreement between EEPPAA and VetsVilleUSA is that the thousands of new US veteran trainees will occupy high-paying permanent full-time jobs with EEPPAA.

VetsVille will buy thousands of housing and training classrooms units for US$50,000,000.00.

Per location, VetsVille will add US$3,000,000.00 per month income

Vetsville USA – A safe harbor in times of uncertainty.

Our mission and purpose is to bridge the gap to guide them to a new destiny.

Veterans face a truly challenging transition when they return to civilian life. They must reinvent themselves. They go from the military’s structured routine to a completely unstructured environment where they are under constant pressure to integrate into independence and self-sufficiency. Veterans must make life-changing decisions quickly, many times without coaching and guidance that hold the key to options that lead to successful outcomes. VetsvilleUSA wants to eliminate uncertainty and doubts in their minds. We want vets armed with confidence and self-assurance, ready to compete in today’s job market, making wise decisions that pay dividends which change their lives.

VetsvilleUSA provides a four-step approach to success for our vets – housing, counseling, training/education and employment. We provide housing in our Living and Resource Centers for our men and women who are transitioning from active duty to civilian life when they are making critical civilian career decisions. More and more of our veterans are recognizing that they need to upgrade their education to compete in our tough job market. We provide life coaching and counseling to assess goals, which helps veterans advance toward employment or entrepreneurship, receiving a secure a place in life’s journey toward financial security.

VetsvilleUSA wants optimum opportunity for each of our veterans. They deserve OUR best as they gave us THEIR best. Our career counseling program “CAP” is Career Action Plan, a step-by-step approach to their career success and financial security. Our vets wear their “CAP” proudly! We counsel vets in developing goal-oriented options which bring into focus training through our educational partnerships in Hydroponics and Horticulture, the most dynamic educational gateway to a solid future in the 21st century and ranked as the number one sustainable agricultural threshold for career-seekers.

Our entrepreneurship program develops opportunities for vets to own and operate their “Freight Farm”, a 320-square-foot “leafy green machine” growing plants and herbs without soil as we transform our vets into business owners, realizing their goals, with VetsvilleUSA their “bridge” to a secure future. In all that VetsvilleUSA does, we want “Victories for Vets”, life-changing experiences that bring out the best in those whose best was given for us!

We will soon be adding programs in Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism, Business Management and others as our ongoing goal is to meet the veterans’ career goals.

  •  Aim – Improve quality of life of our Veterans
  •  How? – Life coaching/counseling +vocational training/college programs = employment
  •  Target Audience – Calling out to all veterans!

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