Solar Energy Systems Designer: Designs solar domestic hot water and space heating systems for new and existing structures, applying knowledge of energy requirements of structure, local climatological conditions, solar technology, and thermodynamics: Estimates energy requirements of new or existing structures, based on analysis of utility bills of structure, calculations of thermal efficiency of structure, and prevailing climatological conditions. Determines the type of solar system, for example, water, glycol, or silicone, which functions most efficiently under prevailing climatological conditions. Calculates on-site heat generating a capacity of different solar panels to determine optimum size and type of panels which meet the structure’s energy requirements. Arranges location of solar system components, for example, panel, pumps, and storage tanks, to minimize length and number of direction changes in pipes and reconstruction of existing structures. Studies engineering tables to determine the size of pipes and pumps required to maintain specified flow rate through solar panels. Specifies types of electrical controls, for example, differential thermostat, temperature sensors, and solenoid valves, compatible with other system components, using knowledge of control systems. Completes parts list, specifying components of the system. Draws wiring, piping, and other diagrams, using drafting tools. May also inspect structures to compile data used in solar system design, for example, the structure’s angle of alignment with sun and temperature of incoming cold water. May also inspect the construction of a system to ensure adherence to design specifications.