Studied business in college and earned a 4.6-grade point average.

Started in the real estate business in 1978 by joining in a partnership to buy and renovate single-family houses and commercial properties. In the same year, started making mortgage loans as a lender, (using OPM). Made thousands of mortgage loans and never, ever lost money on any deal!!!!!!!

Joined in a partnership and grew the loan volume to 200 closed and sold loans per month. Created a very successful sub-prime mortgage lender. The company became the twentieth-largest loan closer in the State of Georgia.

Bought one house on a Saturday and flipped and closed the house the following Friday making US$7,000.00!

Moved already built houses from one city to another city and set the homes upon new foundations in the new city.

Bought thousands of loans from brokers on a flow basis or as whole loans. Sold whole loans to over 700 banks, insurance companies, corporations, institutional investors, or private people including loans insured by HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USDA, and others.

Retired in 1990 with much cash and 23 houses and an apartment complex paid for with NO mortgages!

I am now back in the workplace because of my invention only!!!

Licensed private airplane pilot.

  • •I grew up on a farm.  I studied vocational agriculture for four years in school.
  • •I was a member of the FFA, 4H, Boys Scouts, J.C`s and Lion`s club.  I studied agribusiness in college.  I became a real estate investor-builder and an expert mortgage banker.  I built buildings, renovated buildings and moved buildings from one city to another city and set them back up.
  • •When I was on the farm, we always had several big gardens and much cropland.  I planted and tended many vegetables, fruits, and berries.  I helped my family can and preserve the many vegetables, fruits, and berries.
  • •I love agriculture.  If this world loved agriculture as I do, then this planet would be a better place.
  • •I have a written agreement with an organization that trainees US military veterans a new career in agriculture.  Our agreement is that the new agriculture trainees will occupy full-time high-paying permanent jobs in our company.
  • •I have cut many trees when I was young with a bucksaw and an ax.  I graduated to a power chain saw when I was fourteen, (14), years old.  I worked at a sawmill.  I have personal knowledge of how to use a kiln to dry lumber wood.
  • •I have trained and shown many animals in various shows such as rodeos, cattle, and horse shows.  I was an expert horseman.
  • •I know how to dress many animals.  Cattle, hogs, deer, chickens, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, squirrels and turtles. 
  • •I have operated much equipment.  Tractors, of course, track loaders, dump trucks, skidders, pulpwood trucks, backhoes, motor road grader, pans, rubber-tired loaders, large buses, tractor-trailers or road tractors. I have driven a wrecker for years. I have hauled thousands of vehicles thru Midtown Atlanta GA, USA without having an accident.
  • •I am a licensed airplane pilot.
  • •I have personal knowledge and experience on how to distill gasohol/alcohol.  I have distilled tens of thousands of gallons of gasohol/alcohol in my life.
  • •The biomass, (woodfired), steam electric generator apparatus with my new novel innovative invention which emits no smoke into the air utilizes many applications of agriculture including, timber, livestock, gardening, crops, aquaculture, food processing, food canning, food preserving, electricity generation, gasohol/liquor production, woodworking, and real estate development.
  • •The apparatus processes the smoke and pollutants through the firebox then through a flue and into the novel innovative patent-pending invention which emits no smoke into the air and then returns through a closed-loop back to the firebox.  No smoke, pollutants or carbons are ever emitted into the atmosphere.
  • •We have many engineers on our team including electrical, mechanical, industrial, chemical, logistical, mining, programming, computing, systems, and architects.
  • •Each apparatus will create thousands and thousands of new full-time high-paying permanent agriculture jobs at each location we develop.
  • •I am in communications with the governments of the states in the USA.  The governments are 110% interested in our apparatus by offering grants of free land, buildings, roads, bridges, water, sewer, electricity, gas, parks, tax credits, and tax benefits. In California, the government is offering very attractive California financial incentives.
  • •I am uniquely qualified to devise and implement the woodfired steam electric generator apparatus with my new novel innovative patent-pending invention which emits no smoke into the air.
  • •The apparatuses include all my life experiences which make them a winner.
  • I have committed much of my life, time and money in charity work including distributing two, (2), tons per week of food to those in need. I have helped the homeless and helpless. I have given housing to the homeless. I have given clothing to the naked. I have visited the orphans, elderly, disabled, hospitalized, in prison and jail with good news.
  • •I trust this presentation outlines my personal knowledge and experiences for your deliberations.

History-making disruption in energy!!!

The EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, in the United States of America, states, `No permits are required for atmospheric emissions since NO emissions are emitted into the atmosphere`.  

New novel innovative invention, 100%CCC-(completely-enclosed clean conversion), which emits NO emissions into the atmosphere of air, smoke, pollutants, poisons, gases, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, or carbons when used with a biomass steam electric generator apparatus using renewable natural resources.!!!