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The income guaranteed by the government will provide enough income to retire the initial investment of US$75,000,000.00 in six years.  However, the sales as outlined below will pay off the debt before the ink is dried on the notes!!!  We plan to build 20 apparatuses in CA.  CA provides the best incentives of any state in the union.

We have the states of CA, GA, NC, FL and ME very interested for us to build our apparatuses in their states.  We think we can build 100 apparatuses in China and 100 apparatuses in India.  We have the experienced team members with qualifications and certifications to get the boiler fabrication done as agreed and on time as evidenced by the customers served.

Your group can be a very big benefit to guide us to a position to issue an IPO or a merger to boost our stock.  Your company has the opportunity to be in the initial stage of a history-making disruption in energy.

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You may go to the Real Estate page of our website to view our real estate business opportunity.  

Real estate is a very important factor in any business. Real estate will play a very important role in planning, decision making, and profitability for EEPPAA.

EEPPAA must have a large team of experienced dedicated professionals to propagate the business plan.

The law in the states is that the public utility is required to buy the electricity generated which will amount to US$24,000,000.00 per year.

The apparatus will produce US$26,000,000.00 per year in ocean water desalination which will be sold to the public utilities as well.

EEPPAA will sell 300 businesses that are required to support the apparatus, this will raise US$7,000,000,000.00 in three years.

EEPPAA will build 1,166 residential housing units in the first six months. The revenue from this activity is US$1,320,000,000.00.  See revenue

The exhaust heat energy will be converted to kiln dry wood to build 40,000 sq ft of residential and commercial space per day.  This will add US$20,000,000.00 per day income.   Also, the exhaust heat energy will be converted to cook and preserve 400,000 pounds of food per day at an annual income of US$1,000,000,000.00.

The steam heat energy will be used to distill gasohol/alcohol for an annual income of US$5,400,000,000.00.  The steam heat energy will be used to generate additional electricity using TEG, a thermoelectric generator system.  The steam heat energy will be used to process food to cook and preserve for an additional US$1,000,000,000.00.  The steam heat energy will be used to desalinate ocean water into potable water adding US$26,000,000.00 per year income.

VetsVilleUSA will buy US$50,000,000.00 in classrooms and housing to train US military veterans a new career. 
VetsVilleUSA also adds US$3,000,000.00 to the monthly cash flow of EEPPAA.

EEPPAA will build many commercial and industrial buildings for the overall apparatus.

EEPPAA will build manufacturing facilities for a myriad of businesses we will sell that will assemble electric vehicles, appliances, and equipment.

EEPPAA will sell hundreds of businesses which each business will need a location. Real estate will be a very important aspect of our plan.

EEPPAA will locate and develop 25,000 charging station locations for our retail buyers of electric vehicles can recharge for FREE.!!
Real estate will be a very important aspect of our plan.

EEPPAA must have tens of thousands of acres of farmland for food to cook, prepare and preserve and feed for humans and animals.
Real estate will be a very important aspect of our plan.

EEPPAA must buy right-of-way from the Gulf of Mexico to the city of Phoenix AL/Columbus GA for fresh water for the region.

EEPPAA must recruit and develop a great real estate team to fully develop the project.

Many of the locations of the apparatuses must be nearby the ocean. California is on the Pacific Ocean. We must identify ideal sites in which to develop our apparatus in order to desalinate the ocean water to be portable, or drinkable.

The synergies are bountiful.

A great synergy is that when we go into a community, we will dominate the land values. If we buy most of the land in an area before we go there, then the value of the land can increase twenty to forty fold!!!

Richard Walker,

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We are a multinational team in the USA, Germany, China, India, the Philipines, and Africa.