I, Richard Walker, have been a mortgage banker since 1979.  I have sold whole closed and funded loans to over 700 banks, insurance funds, corporations, etc.   Your company certainly can work with us to develop SBA and maybe other loan products for our apparatuses. 

VetsvilleUSA will operate to recruit and train USA military veterans a new career in our company, including but not limited to agriculturemanufacturing and service jobs.  Their training will be the exact services we need as we locate and develop our apparatuses around the globe!   

We plan to invest US$50,000,000.00 as a part of a financing package in which to build housing and classrooms for veterans to learn a new career with VetsvilleUSA.  We are planning that we can recruit a minimum of 3.000 veterans out of the stated 1,800,000 veterans in the State of CA.  

EEPPAA´s financing plan is as follows: 

1.  We will sell 1,166 houses to employees who we pay a very high wage for their services.   The first 300 sold houses will pay in full the US$75,000,000.00 needed to build one apparatus of 100MW.  We will use the profits to fund the apparatus projects.  We have a lender in Atlanta GA USA that can do the construction-perm loans.  We have four parcels of land that we can use to begin to build the houses.  These parcels are shovel ready or near shovel ready.  We have been contacting HR outsourcing agencies to recruit employees.

2.  We will sell a total of 300 businesses.  We need to sell only forty businesses which will fully fund the US$75,000,000.00 for one 100MW apparatus.  The businesses are needed to do the work of the apparatus.  We will use the profits to fund the development of an apparatus.   We are now contacting HR outsourcing agencies to recruit employees who will be candidates for buying the businesses.  We will guarantee the business buyer a great income and ROI as we must have the services to operate the apparatus.  

Veterans would also be a good source of home buyers and business buyers.  VetsvilleUSA can assist in this endeavor.   The veterans have help in CA.

Your company has a great incentive to team with us as we plan to build 20 apparatuses in CA and many, many more in the USA and around the world.  We have communicated with the states of GA, FL, NC and ME all of whom want us to locate and develop our apparatuses in their respective states.  The incentives for you include working with us to convert existing coal or fossil-fueled electric generators into our biomass renewable energy steam electric generator apparatus with our new novel innovative invention which emits no pollutants, carbons, poisons, carbon monoxide or gases into the atmosphere.

CA offers loan guarantees to investors that will make loans to establish and locate businesses in CA.  CA offers the typical loan guarantee of 80% coverage of the loan amount for a term of up to seven years, although the loan term can be up to thirty years.  

We propose a scenario as follows:

EEPPAA sells a business for US$3,900,000.00.  The buyer contributes a twenty percent down payment.  The loan amount would then be US$3,120,000.00.  EEPPAA will establish a restricted cash account of US$624,000.00 to guarantee the cash loan repayment.  CA will guarantee the loan repayment in the amount of US$2,496,000.00. for a seven-year term.  The CA loan guarantee of  US$2,496,000.00  along with the EEPPAA loan guarantee in the amount of US$624,000.00 is cash guarantees of 100% of the loan amount.  EEPPAA has the incentive that the loan be repaid as the business is essential to the ongoing operation of the apparatus.  

Benefits to the investor or bank.

The cash flows and activities from the various activities will be in the billions of dollars per year per each apparatus.

US$1,500,000,000.00 yr. business sales.

US$   300,000,000.00 yr. business real estate sales.

US$   300,000,000.00 yr. business cash flows.  

US$1,000,000,000.00 yr. food sales.

US$1,000,000,000.00 yr. housing sales first 6 months.

US$   348,900,000.00 yr. housing profits.

US$   108,000,000.00 yr. VetsvilleUSA cash flow.

US$     50,000,000.00 VetsvilleUSA buildings.

US$     53,000,000.00 yr. loans to employees guaranteed by EEPPAA.

US$     50,000,000.00 yr. sales of electricity and water to the government.

US$     14,000,000.00 yr. insurance premiums of employees.

US$       8,000,000.00 yr. pension savings.

EEPPAA has other income and cash activities such as gasohol/alcohol, barrel making, electric vehicle manufacturingcharging stations

agricultureconverting existing fossil-fueled plantspatentsrecyclingreal estatethe stock explosion on IPO or merger, and Thermoelectricity generator.

A good name is more valuable than gold.!!!

Richard Walker

Telephone USA:. 1-404-820-1641

Website:  http://www.EEPPAA.tech
Email:    RichardWalker@EEPPAA.tech
Skype:    VisaCapital

We are a multinational team in the USA, Germany, China, India, the Philipines, and Africa.

Success is not about real dreams coming true.  (passive happenstance) Success is about making dreams a true reality!  (active trek)    Richard David Walker