Real estate is a very important factor in any business. Real estate will play a very important role in planning, decision making, and profitability for EEPPAA.

EEPPAA must have a large team of experienced dedicated professionals to propagate the business plan.

EEPPAA will build 1,166 residential housing units in the first 6 months. The revenue from this activity is US$1,320,000,000.00.

EEPPAA will build many commercial and industrial buildings for the overall apparatus.

EEPPAA will build manufacturing facilities for a myriad of businesses we will sell that will assemble electric vehicles, appliances, and equipment.

EEPPAA will sell hundreds of businesses which each business will need a location.

EEPPAA will locate and develop 25,000 charging station locations for our retail buyers of electric vehicles can recharge for FREE.!!

EEPPAA must have tens of thousands of acres of farmland for food to cook, prepare and preserve and feed for animals.

EEPPAA must buy right-of-way from the Gulf of Mexico to the city of Phoenix AL/Columbus GA for fresh water for the region.

EEPPAA must recruit and develop a great real estate team to fully develop the project.

Many of the locations of the apparatuses must be nearby the ocean. California is the Pacific Ocean. We must identify ideal sites in which to develop our apparatus in order to desalinate the ocean water to be portable, or drinkable.