Furniture Designer: Designs furniture for manufacture, according to the knowledge of design trends, offerings of competition, production costs, the capability of production facilities, and characteristics of company’s market: Confers with production, design, and sales personnel to obtain design suggestions and customer orders. Evaluates orders and proposals to determine the feasibility of producing item. Sketches freehand design of the article. Obtains approval from the customer, design committee, or authorized company officials, and originates scale or full-size drawing, using drawing instruments. Prepares itemized production requirements to produce item. Traces drawing on material for use in the production of blueprints, using drawing instruments. Prepares or directs preparation of blueprints containing manufacturing specifications, for example, dimensions, kind of wood, and upholstery fabrics to be used in manufacturing article. Attends staff conference with plant personnel to explain and resolve production requirements. May also design and prepare detailed drawings of jigs, fixtures, forms, or tools required to be used in production. May also plan modifications for completed furniture to conform to changes in design trends and increase customer acceptance. May also design custom pieces or styles according to a specific period or country. May also build or oversee construction of models or prototypes. May also design fixtures and equipment, for example, counters and display cases, and be designated, Fixture Designer.