Computer Security Coordinator: Alternate titles: data security coordinator, information security Plans, coordinates, and implements security measures to safeguard information in computer files against accidental or unauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure: Confers with computer user department personnel and COMPUTER PROGRAMMER – 030.162-010 to plan data security for new or modified software, discussing issues, for example, employee data access needs and risk of data loss or disclosure. Reviews plan to ensure compatibility of planned security measures with establishment computer security system software. Modifies security data files to incorporate new software security into establishment security software, using a computer terminal, or meets with SYSTEMS PROGRAMMER 030.162-022 to request needed programming changes. Enters commands into a computer in an attempt to circumvent new security measures to test system. Reviews employee violations of computer security procedures recorded by computer and reports violations to user department managers or talks with the employee to ensure that violation is not repeated. Coordinates implementation of a vendor-issued security software update. Develops and writes computer security department policies and procedures. May also assign computer access passwords to employees [COMPUTER SECURITY SPECIALIST 033.362-010]. May also develop, coordinate the implementation of, and test plan to continue establishment data processing activities at an off-site location in case of emergency, for example, fire, at the main site [DATA RECOVERY PLANNER 033.162-014].