Job Responsibilities. An executive manager defines the vision and goals of his department, or the entire company or organization. They do this by implementing policies and procedures, and by establishing budgets. Executive managers also oversee personnel decisions, such as hiring and firing, and also compensation.

Qualifications and Skills

An executive manager must be able to make decisions, sometimes quickly, based on available information. She must also be someone that the organization sees as a leader, or a person that they can easily follow. Good communications skills are key, both oral and written, as she should be able to convey complex thoughts and processes clearly and concisely. To meet the set goals, a good executive manager is also able to build a diverse team with different talents and personality.

•Create 1,166 new permanent full-time high-paying agriculture jobs in the first 6 months in 300 new companies. 6,600 new jobs the first year.

•Create thousands of new permanent full-time high-paying manufacturing, services, and agriculture jobs over a few years.


  • The pay scale is as follows, with the apprentice being the lowest.  If any candidates do not qualify, then we will team with the government and VetsVille USA to provide training.
  • Executive management    $150,000.00 yr
  • Management                       $125,000.00 yr
  • Engineers                             $100,000.00 yr
  • Craftsmen                              $60,000.00 yr
  • Journeymen                          $50,000.00 yr
  • Apprentice                            $42,000.00 yr



  • Production Manager Salaries
  • Production Manager Hourly Wages
  • Alternate Job Titles: Production Manager
  • What is the average annual salary for Production Manager?
  • How much does a Production Manager make? The median annual Production Manager salary is $96,666 with a range usually between $82,976-$109,369, however this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors. Our team of Certified Compensation Professionals has analyzed survey data collected from thousands of HR departments at companies of all sizes and industries to present this range of annual salaries for people with the job title Production Manager in the United States.