• Quick Details
  • •Model Number: 1.5MW, 2MW, 3MW, 6MW, 7.5MW, 12MW , 50MW 100MW
  • •Certification: ASME, CE, PED
  • Packaging & Delivery
  • •Delivery Time 180 days – 250 days Specifications
  • •Providing 10T/h – 220T/h different types of boilers according to clients’ requirements and specifications, industrial boilers and boilers for power plants. The type of boilers can be grate boilers, FCB boilers, pulverized coal fired boilers.
  • •Based on the professional team and strong support from our boiler manufacturers & partners, we can provide industrial power plants with the capacity of they Desire, which fired manifold fuel such as coal, oil, gas, biomass fuel, etc. At same time, we will provide professional service with an integrate solution to clients for project planning, engineering, design & management, equipment fabrication & procurement, supervision for construction, installation, commissioning and test run, and training and after sales service. The power plant will be accorded with following key properties: -Customized engineering design according to prevailing standard, main equipment will be in accordance with ASME code, control system and electrical system will be in accordance with IEC standard; -Customized boiler with ASME stamp, or without ASME stamp; -Customized boiler according to clients’ requirement, it can be grate stoker boiler, CFB boiler, or pulverized coal fired boiler to adapt different fuel; -The steam turbine can be condensing unit, extraction steam unit, or back pressure extraction unit to meet the needs of different clients; -The generator can be 50Hz or 60Hz with different voltage to adapt the situation in different area and countries; -The control system can be used by instrument control, PLC control, or DCS control against on the clients’ requirement of investment cost control; -Supervision for installation at construction site to save clients’ erection cost; -Flexible training manner for operators, it can be chosen by the client, training at construction site; -Spare parts supply in time; -Exported package in accordance with the requirement of sea transportation; -Providing the service of third part inspection to the exported equipment; -Providing the service for assessment of CE mark if necessary. Our predominance consists in following key points: -Rich experience to the projects management and projects exporting for the power plant; -Better capability to communicate with clients in technology and language; -Many successful cooperation achievement in supplying complete set of equipment and spare parts for coal fired power plant, biomass fuel fired power station, and gas-turbine combined cycle generating unit in Indonesia, Malaysia, Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Mongolia. -Rich experience to cooperate with foreign engineering company such as Austrian Energy & Environment AG, etc. -Professional team cooperation and flexible cooperation manner, general contracting for a project, or sub-contracting for a part of project.