✓ Highly experienced Leadership

✓ Dedicated and motivated Team

✓ Two manufacturing Units

✓ Capability to handle Variety of projects based on:


✓ A long list of Satisfied Clients in India and many parts of Globe

✓ Consortium Partnership with India’s Power Major.

✓ In-house engineering capabilities.

Health Safety and Environmental Policies

Environmental impacts and the safety of employees are important legal requirements.

Turbine Services shall accommodate these requirements by:

– Engaging positively with all stakeholders regarding HSE questions

– Reducing the impact on the environment through an environmental focus

– Complying with our CSR policy, applicable statutory and regulatory requirement

– Giving high priority to health and safety in the day to day work

– Involving personnel in the daily health, safety and environmental management creating awareness and responsibility

– Having a focus on our suppliers and contractors safety and environmental culture

– Planning and executing work in a manner which results in zero harm to either people or the environment

Quality Policy

Customer Focus – We will focus on meeting or exceeding customer expectations while growing profitably. We believe that achieving this is critical to our success and provides high quality and value to our customers.

Employee Responsibility – We believe employees at all levels are responsible for meeting high-quality standards while performing work in a manner that is consistent with established processes.

Continual Improvement – We will follow a quality management system modeled after ISO 9001 to continually improve the performance of the business, and we will utilize 6 Sigma methods to drive for repeatable processes that consistently produce products and services of the highest quality.

Industries we serve









Focus Area

➢ Solar PV based Power Plant.

➢ EPC of Power Plants, Process Plants and Waste to Energy Plants.

➢ Erection, Commissioning, and Operation & Maintenance of Power Plants.

➢ Co-Generation, Bio-Mass, Bio Gasification, And Solar Thermal Based Power Plants.

➢ EPC of Transmission & Distribution 11/33/66/132/400 KV Substation

Specialized Services Offered

1) Consultancy

a) Engineering and Design Consultancy

b) Project Management Consultancy

2) Engineering Procurement and Construction

a) Solar PV Power Plant – Mid to Large Size Projects

b) Small BioMass/RDF/RPF Based Power Plants

c) Automatic Rolling Mill on Turnkey Basis.

d) Captive Power Plants.

e) Waste To Energy Plants.

f) EPC of Substation up to 400 KV & T&D

3) Erection & Commissioning Power Plant

4) Expertise Manpower Solutions for O&M

5) Commissioning Assistance & Trouble Shooting

Turbine Refurbishment, Overhaul, and Maintenance

Erection, Commissioning, renewal, Overhauling, relocating, break down, AMC, consulting and Trouble Shooting of Rotary equipment such as Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Blowers, Fans, Centrifugal Compressor, Gear Boxes, and Pumps, Generator, Diesel engines Governing systems no matter who built them originally supplied by any OEMs. Conditional assessment for predictive maintenance of rotating equipment by specialized NDT team with level II and level III experts.

Our team is fully equipped with tools, tackles and specialized in measuring and testing equipment to execute operations.

Component Manufacturing

A wide range of high precision components for gas turbines, steam turbines, and aero-engines.  A wide range of gas turbine components for GE designed heavy-duty industrial gas turbines (Frames 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9) which include: • Compressor stator blades along with rings and exit guide vanes • Compressor rotor blades • Inlet Guide Vanes (IGVs) • Fuel nozzle assembly • Shroud blocks – Standard – Super Alloys • Combustion parts hardware made from SS and complex material like: • Stellite • Nimonic 263 • Overhaul consumables • Repair shop consumables • Inner barrels for compressor discharge casings • Compressor and turbine casings.

Customized products through reverse engineering for its different clients across the globe for all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Component Repair Service

Powered by its strong infrastructure, we offer comprehensive gas turbine repair services.  Our gas turbine component repair and rehabilitation shop has the capability to upgrade components to the latest standards within extremely quick turnaround times. Our repair workshop provides repair services for the following components for GE Frames 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9:

• Fuel Nozzles • Flow Sleeves • Bullhorn Brackets • Crossfire Tubes & Retainers • Combustion Liners • Transition Pieces • Nozzles • Buckets (outsourced) • Shrouds

Rotor Repair and Complete Overhaul Services

To complement the existing capabilities of component manufacture, repairs, field services, and spares supply capabilities, we have inaugurated our Rotor Overhaul facility in the year 2012. The facility has the capability of the complete turbine and compressor rotor de-stacking, refurbishment, re-building, and balancing. The company’s Rotor Overhaul facility is spread across 2000 m2 of shop floor, office, store, quality and inspection areas and is well equipped with imported machines, tools & tackles, jigs & fixtures and measuring & inspection instruments which include a shot blasting system, vertical turret lathe, 10 meters long-50 ton Skoda lathe, Schenck balancing machines, conventional milling machines, blade tip grinding machine, Schenck moment weight balancing machine, welding machines, radial drilling machine, a spare parts depot, along with 2 overhead cranes with a load bearing capacity of 60 and 15 tons each. This facility is managed by a team of technical experts from the industry with rich experience in rotor overhaul jobs.

With the existing manufacturing and component repair facilities, the Rotor Overhaul Facility makes a total gas turbine solutions provider operating from one Integrated Campus.

• COMPLETE ROTOR OVERHAUL – MS 6001 GAS TURBINE – Reliance Industries Limited, Baroda • COMPLETE ROTOR OVERHAUL – MS 6001 GAS TURBINE – Reliance Industries Limited, Hazira • COMPLETE ROTOR OVERHAUL – MS 6001 GAS TURBINE – Reliance Industries Limited, Patalganga • RUN OUT CHECKS 8, TIP TURNING – 300 MW HP/1P STEAM TURBINE —Siemens Limited, Baroda • FRAME 5 GAS TURBINE: GENERATOR ROTOR RETAINING RING REMOVAL— Siemens Limited, Baroda

General Procedure for Steam Turbine Maintenance Work

Steam Turbine Based Job Experience

 1. Cooling Tower Fan oil, Blade, U clamps & Bolt to be checked.

 2. TG Pedestal to be cleaned & re-greased.

 3. Turbine all valves & links to be re-greased.

 4. Condenser to be cleaned.

 5. HP & LP coupling bolt tightness to be checked.

 6. Lube oil filter to be cleaned.

 7. Thrust bearing to be checked.

 8. MCW pump DE /NDE bearings to be checked & replaced if required.

 9. The gland of all pumps to be cleaned & stud to be replaced with SS studs.

10. Inst. Compressors to be overhauled.

11. Oil cooler & GSC tubes to be cleaned.

12. Cleaning of Alternator Brushes

13. Checking & cleaning of Switch breakers

14. Calibration of Pressure & Temperature Gauges and transmitters etc

15. General Checking of Transformers

GAS Turbine Maintenance Work and Maintenance Inspection

1. Standby Inspection This inspection includes routinely servicing the battery system, changing filters, checking oil and water levels, cleaning relays and checking device calibrations. Servicing can be performed in off-peak periods without interrupting the availability of the turbine.

2.   Running Inspection Running inspections consist of the general and continued observations made while a unit is operating. Load Vs Exhaust Temperature, Vibration Level, Fuel Flow Pressure, Exhaust Temperature and Speed Variation, Startup Time, coast Down Time

3.   Disassembly Inspection Combustion Inspection: The combustion inspection is a relatively short disassembly shutdown inspection of fuel nozzles, liners, transition pieces, crossfire tubes and retainers, spark plug assemblies, flame detectors & combustor flow sleeves.

Hot Gas Path Inspection: The purpose of a hot-gas-path inspection is to examine those parts exposed to high temperatures from the hot gases discharged from the combustion process. Major Inspection: 1. All radial and axial clearances are checked against their original values (opening and closing). 2. Casings, shells and frames/ diffusers are inspected for cracks and erosion. 3. Compressor inlet and compressor flow path are inspected for fouling, erosion, corrosion, and leakage. The IGVs are inspected, looking for corrosion, bushing wear, and vane cracking. 4.   Rotor and stator compressor blades are checked for tip clearance, rubs, impact damage, corrosion pitting, bowing and cracking 5.   Turbine stationary shrouds are checked for clearance, erosion, rubbing, cracking, and build-up. 6.   Seals and hook fits of turbine nozzles and diaphragms are inspected for rubs, erosion, fretting or thermal deterioration. 7.   Turbine buckets are removed and a non-destructive check of buckets and wheel dovetails is performed (first stage bucket protective coating should be evaluated for remaining coating life). Buckets that were not recoated at the hot-gas-path inspection should be replaced.

Major Inspection:

8. Rotor inspections recommended in the maintenance and inspection manual or by Technical Information Letters should be performed. 9. Bearing liners and seals are inspected for clearance and wear. 10. Inlet systems are inspected for corrosion, cracked silencers, and loose parts. 11. Exhaust systems are inspected for cracks, broken silencer panels or insulation panels. 12. Check alignment – gas turbine to generator/gas turbine to accessory gear.

Baseline recommended inspection intervals: baseload – gas fuel – dry

General Procedure for Gas Turbine Maintenance Work

1.0    Determine Requirement 1.1. Component defect reports (removal tags) or customer orders are correctly interpreted and matched by part and serial numbers 1.2. Turbine and exhaust section components are inspected and/or operated through prescribed test procedures to establish serviceability and confirm defects, if necessary 1.3. Modification status is clearly established to assist in determining the overhaul requirements for the components 1.4. The extent of overhaul or repair is identified and documented in accordance with standard enterprise procedures

2.0    Troubleshoot turbine and exhaust section components 2.1. Available information from maintenance records and test results is used, where necessary, to assist in fault determination 2.2. Logical processes are used to ensure efficient and accurate troubleshooting 2.3. Specialist advice is obtained, where required, to assist with, or confirm, the fault and rectification requirement 2.4. The turbine and exhaust section component faults are located and the causes of the faults are clearly identified 2.5. Fault rectification requirements are determined to assist in planning the repair

3.0     Dismantle and inspect turbine and exhaust section component parts 3.1. The turbine and exhaust section component parts are dismantled in accordance with maintenance manual 3.2. Component parts are assessed for serviceability in accordance with the relevant maintenance documentation 3.3. Parts requiring specialist repair are tagged and repair instructions are specified in accordance with standard enterprise procedures 3.4. Parts requiring non-destructive testing are prepared for testing in accordance with the relevant maintenance documentation 3.5. Parts lists are compiled and processed in accordance with standard enterprise procedures

General Procedure for Gas Turbine Maintenance Work

4.0    Repair and/or modify turbine and exhaust section components or parts 4.1. Component parts are repaired or replaced in accordance with the relevant maintenance documentation 4.2. Modification of components is undertaken, where required, by reference to relevant manufacturers’ bulletins or procedures and/or customer requirements

5.0    Assemble and adjust the turbine and exhaust section components 5.1. The turbine and exhaust section component parts are balanced where required and assembled within specified tolerances and in accordance with the appropriate maintenance documents 5.2. Support/safety equipment, where fitted, is removed at the appropriate time 5.3. Components are adjusted to ensure that fits and clearances are within prescribed specifications 5.4. Finished components are tagged, sealed and packaged in accordance with standard enterprise procedures 5.5. Required maintenance documentation and modification records are completed and processed in accordance with standard enterprise procedures with standard enterprise procedures

List of Turbine Repair

1 F5 PG5371PA GE/BHEL APGCL, ASSAM 2013 Major Overhaul of GT/Generator of GT-5

2 F6 PG6541B GE GSFC, Vadodara 2013 CT, BI and extended HGP Inspection of GT-1

3 F6 PG6581B BHEL RIL, HAZIRA 2013 ARC for MI, HGPI, and Replacement of Stage 3 Bucket

4 F6 PG6541B BHEL RIL, Patalganga 2013 Replacement of Compressor Rotor Blades Stage 1 of GT-1

5 F6 6581B BHEL SRPCPL, Hyderabad 2013 Major Overhaul of GT-1

6 F6 PG6541B BHEL RIL, Patalganga 2012 Major Overhaul with Uprate and IGV Relocation of GT-2

7 F5 PG5261 GE Design Thomasen IFFCO, Phulpur 2012 Major Overhaul and Complete Overhauling of AGB of GT-2

8 F6 PG6541B GE Design Thomasen GACL, Dahej 2011 Inspection Services of Compressor Blades & Inlet Duct of GT-2

9 F6 61B GE RIL, Baroda 2011 Major Inspection of GT-2

10 F5 51R GE Design Thomasen

IFFCO, Aonla 2010 HGP Inspection of GT-2

Projects Completed and Commissioned

1×8.0 MW Biomass Based Plant

Location Chhipa Barrod, Rajasthan

Client                                     Orient Green Power Ltd

Boiler                                     38 TPH, Travelling Grate

Fuel Mustard Husk, Juliflora, Assorted Agri Waste

Turbine                                   8 MW Straight Condensing

Parameters                            44 Kg/cm2 ,    425 0 C   

Yr of Commissioning            2009



1×10.0 MW Biomass Based Plant

Location Hanuman Garh, Rajasthan

Client                                                   Sanjog Sugar

Boiler                                                   52 TPH, Travelling Grate

Fuel                                                      Bagasse, Rice Husk, Mustard Husk etc

Turbine                                                10 MW Straight Condensing (With air cooled Condenser)

Parameters                                         66 Kg/cm2 ,    485 0 C   

Yr of Commissioning                         2011



1×1.25 MW Biomass Based Plant

Location Belgundi, Karnataka

Client                                                   Globe Energy

Boiler                                                   8 TPH, Pulsating Grate

Fuel                                                      Bagasse, Rice Husk, Assorted Biomass

Turbine                                                1.25 MW Straight Condensing,

Parameters                                         43 Kg/cm2 ,    435 0 C   

Yr of Commissioning                         2012



4×15 MW Biomass Based Plants **

Location Punjab & UP (India)

Client                                                   A2Z Group

Boiler                                                   75 TPH, CFBC

Fuel                                                      Bagasse, Rice Husk, Cotton Stalks, Wood Chips etc.

Turbine                                                15 MW Extraction Condensing

Parameters                                         87.5 Kg/cm2 ,    495 0 C   

Yr of Commissioning                         2012



• 1×6.0 MW Biomass Based Power Plant – Guatemala • Site Survey completed • Layout submitted

• 1×4.0 MW Biomass Based Power Plant – Guatemala • Site Survey completed • Under Execution

• 1×20 MW Waste to Energy Plant – Latin America • Proposal under discussion • Awaiting Financial Closure

• 1×9.5MW WTE Power Plant – Nakhon Sawan, Thailand • Project Under Execution

• 1×8.0 MW Biomass Based Power Plant – Thailand • Proposal under discussion


INTERNATIONAL ✓ Supply, Installation, & Commissioning of 2500 KW Condensing  Steam Turbine with Alternator Set for Deewan Sugar Mills, Pakistan. ✓ 3 MW Staight condensing Turbine based on waste heat recovery of Sulphuric acid plant for  National Chemicals, Cairo, Egypt ✓ 2.5 MW Multistage Back Pressure Turbine for URC Sugar, Philippines ✓ 5.0 MW Extraction Turbine Alternator Set for Kavala Oil, Kavala, Greece ✓ 300 KW straight condensing low inlet pressure turbine for Lichev Oil, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

DOMESTIC- INDIA ✓ Supply, Erection & Commissioning of 4.5 MW Multistage Condensing Turbine  Alternator set with Its Electrical for Continental Carbon Ltd., Ghaziabad. ✓ Supply, Erection & Commissioning of 5.5 MW Multistage Back Pressure Turbine Alternator set with Its Electrical for Siddhartha Paper Limited, Kashipur


✓ 23 MW Cogen Bagasse/Coal Power Plant, 87 Kg/ cm2, 5150C, Haidargarh, UP

✓ 7.5 MW – Sugarcane Trash, Global Power Tech, Vellupuram TN, IN.

✓ 10 MW – Coconut Waste – Orient Green Power, Pollachi, TN, IN

✓ 02 MW – Bio Sugar Effluent, Orient BioPower, Ahemadnagar, MH, IN. E&C

✓ 36 MW Cogen Bagasse/Coal Power Plant, 92 Kg/ cm2, 5400C, Datta SSK, Pune

✓ Erection & Commissioning of ACC for 2X25 MW Power Plant, Wonder Cement, Rajasthan

✓ Complete Instrumentation & Electrical testing of 2 x 21 MW & 2 x 31 MW, White Nyle Sugar, Sudan.

✓ Exhaustive refurbishing with RLA of 2 x70 TPH Travelling Grate Mitsubishi make Boiler 104 Kg/cm2(G), 530 Deg C temperature, JK Chemicals, Kanpur, U.P.









8 Saraswati Rolling Mill ILC, Al Khobar, UAE 300TPD


1 BASUNDHRA Boards & Pulp Mills, Bangladesh

Design & Engineering for 132/11 kV GIS Substation 2017

2 Madagascar State Electricity Board – AF Power

Design, Supply, Erection & Commissioning of 63/20/11 KV, 1 x 50 MVA Substation


3 ONGC 33 kV Substation at Gelecky 2015

4 Jindal Strips Ltd Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 220 KV S/s 2014

5 EDM Mozambique 33KV, 11KV, and LT distribution system of GAZA 2013

6 EEPCO, Ethiopia 132/33 KV Substation at Bokuldama, Yadot & Kemisse 2011

7 Alstom in Sudan 400 KV GIS Substation and  220KV AC Switchyard at Sudan 2010 8 PSEB, Patiala Design Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, Erection Testing Commissioning of 03 Nos 66 KV Sub Station on Turnkey Basis


1 Sanjog Sugar Orient Green Power Supply, Erection & Commissioning of 10 MW Multistage Condensing Turbine Alternator set with Its Electricals & 132 KV Substation

Hanumangarh, Rajasthan

2 Orient Green Power Supply, Erection & Commissioning of 8 MW Multistage Condensing Turbine Alternator set with Its Electricals & 33 KV Substation

Chhipa Barod, Rajasthan

3 Continental Carbon Ltd Supply, Erection & Commissioning of 4.5 MW Multistage Condensing Turbine Alternator set with Its Electrical

Ghaziabad, India

4 Siddhartha Paper Limited Supply, Erection & Commissioning of 5.5 MW Multistage Back Pressure Turbine Alternator set with Its Electrical

Kashipur, India

5 Pragati Paper Mill Complete Project, Planning, Execution & Commissioning of 4.5 MW Multistage Condensing Turbine Alternator Set   with its Electricals & Substation

Experiences and Services Additional

Manufacturing of Steam Turbine

EOT Cranes and Electric Wire Rope Hoists

Manufacturing of Automatic Plate Bending Machine and Pre-pinching Automatic Plate Bending Machine

Manufacturing CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

Manufacturing CNC Controllers

Pre Engineered Building Housing & Commercial Projects

Material Handling Equipment

Special Purpose Machine Tools

Substation Related Projects

EPC Projects