A great synergy is that when we go into a community, we will dominate the land values. If we buy most of the land in an area before we go there, then the value of the land can increase twenty to forty fold!!!

The synergies of our apparatus are abundant. 

  • The heat and steam exhaust heat energies provide FREE sources of energy to generate other income streams without increasing costs.
  • The firebox exhaust heat energy will be used to kiln dry timber into lumber, cook meat and vegetables as BBQ, provide a new novel innovative patentable invention and other uses.
  • The steam exhaust heat energy will be used to generate electricity, distill gasohol/alcohol, desalinate ocean water into potable water, can food, generate other electricity using thermal electric generator technologies, heat water for the beer to distill gasohol/alcohol and other uses.
  • Timber produces lumber for buildings and fire energy for electricity, food production, pallets and barrels
  • Gasohol/alcohol uses grains to ferment the gasohol/alcohol  and will be fed to the livestock
  • Fire energy produces food cooking and canning, gasohol/alcohol, wood drying and electricity
  • Livestock bones, etc., will be feed to fish
  • Steam heat energy and exhaust heat energy will be used to cook and can the meat, vegetables and fish
  • 6,600 new workers purchasing power first year
  • 1,000 US military veterans purchasing power
  • And many, many more synergies!!!!!!!